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Soldering New Composition Low Lead Valves

Harris soldering tips

The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act was enacted in 2011 to amend the current Safe Drinking Water Act. New requirements became effective 1/4/14 and included was a provision to further reduce the maximum lead content of wetted surfaces of plumbing products. To comply many valve manufacturers developed different low lead alloy compositions.

Brazing Today's Air Conditioners

Harris brazing with Dynaflow®

As CFC refrigerants are phased out, there has been much discussion about braze joint requirements for the new replacement blends. In either case, one thing hasn't changed. The key to producing leak-proof brazed connections is proper technique. This article discusses key procedures that need to be followed to ensure sound brazed joints.

Solutions for Regulator Mounting Problems

Harris SG 910 BR regulator mount

Mounting a regulator directly to a cylinder is the easiest and most common type of installation, but it isn’t always ideal. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by not having to remove regulators, depressurize the system, change the cylinder, and re-pressurize.

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Silver's Role in Phos-Copper Brazing Filler Metals

Probably the most widely used brazing filler metal is an alloy of copper and phosphorus, often with silver added as a third element. The role of silver in these alloys is often misunderstood.

Turn up the Brazing Heat

When brazing and soldering, most HVACR technicians routinely use manual torches as their heat source. For brazing there are generally two equipment options to choose from: oxygen/acetylene or air/acetylene. While alternate fuel gases are available, most contractors still use acetylene. The equipment features and benefits of each type will be the focus in this article.

Harris sets itself apart

During an Electra Mining visit to South Africa, David Nangle, the president and CEO of The Harris Products Group, presented the success of the company's new multiple channel distribution strategy, African Fusion reports.

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