Contractors in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and refrigeration know that when it comes to quality and performance, the heat, temperature consistency and flame need to be perfect every time. We created the Inferno® to meet the rigorous needs of today’s contractor.

There Was Room for Improvement

Brazing and soldering tips have not changed much over the past decade. The Inferno by Harris is the result of unparalleled product development and engineering efforts. With the Inferno, we created the first air-fuel tip that is worthy of the Harris name.

We Know What It Takes

Harris has always represented the highest quality, control and consistency in brazing and soldering tools. The Inferno by Harris is another revolutionary product from a trusted industry leader.

We're Better Than the Rest

Inconsistent performance and flame “horns” are now a thing of the past. The Inferno by Harris is the hottest, most consistent tip in the industry.

  • Swirl Combustion Technology
    The revolutionary Inferno tip has a specially designed insert that delivers reliable swirl combustion performance every time. The swirl combustion of the Inferno tip is unlike anything offered on the market. Contractors get a consistent, hotter flame that will engulf and wrap around the work piece for maximum efficiency.
  • Durable, Long-life Design
    Tips take a beating, so the Inferno is constructed from thick and strong 304 stainless steel tube stock. All Inferno tips are crafted from industrial grade materials designed to stand up in the field. The Inferno by Harris is a tip that is built to last.
  • Your Go-to Tip
    The INFERNO® by Harris can deliver what projects in the field require – a hot, consistent and controllable flame with optimal safety for a job well done. Sure, professional contractors need to have air-fuel and oxy-fuel equipment choices at their disposal. But why be burdened with a complicated oxy-fuel setup when a high-performance air-fuel Inferno tip is really the best tool for the job? Contractors can rely on the Inferno by Harris for the hot, consistent and controllable flame they need.
  • The Hottest Tip, Everytime
    The technology behind the Inferno is the result of exhaustive research and development followed by exacting standards in manufacturing. The lack of heat, inconsistency and “Horns” you might find in the flames of other brands are not found in the flame of the Inferno by Harris. With Inferno, you get a richer, hotter, more perfect burn.
  • Proof-positive - The Perfect Flame
    Using thermal photography techniques, the product development team at Harris evaluated the relative flame consistency and heat of the Inferno tips. The team focused on developing a configuration in the design of the Inferno tips that would produce the proper heat with reliable and repeatable flame performance.
  • Quality, Precision Manufacturing
    Engineers at Harris, in developing the Inferno, understand that the heat contractors need starts with the precision of the tip orifice. To get the best flame, the team at Harris developed a unique manufacturing process that allows for consistent production of all Inferno tip orifices. Our exacting manufacturing standards ensure the optimal delivery of fuel gas, resulting in the perfect flame. In addition, during the manufacturing process, every tip is tested twice, once to ensure the perfect orifice and once to ensure flame quality – this all adds up to making a truly great, hot tip.
  • Inferno Applications
    Applications in the field vary. Contractors will have confidence with the Inferno by Harris that the right combination of tip and alloys needed to get the job done right are always available.
  • Easy to Integrate
    All Inferno tips were designed to work and integrate with today’s existing quick-connect air-fuel handles. This allows contractors to simply and quickly connect the Inferno tip to their existing torch handle and they are ready to work. And, the Inferno by Harris was designed to be compact and portable, meeting the real-world needs that contractors have.

For more information, visit the INFERNO® by Harris product site.

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