Model 25
Model 25

Model 25 Nitrogen Purging


This product is no longer available.

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  • Features:

    This is an economical, high-performance nitrogen purging regulator. It is a time-proven design recommended for joint testing and purging on job sites; packaged in a clamshell.

    • One-piece encapsulated seat design with an internal filter and a PTFE Teflon® seat
    • Chrome-plated bonnet with forged brass body
    • Regulator designed for propane service can be used with any of the other welding-grade liquid petroleum gases, but it is not for use with acetylene
    Part NumberModel NumberCapacityStageGaugesGasInletOutletCertifications
    300061525-500C-580Medium DutySingle2" SteelArgon
    CGA 5801/4" x 1/4" FlareUL; CGA E-4
  • Part NumberMax Inlet PressureDelivery Pressure RangeDelivery Pressure GaugeSupply Pressure GaugeHeightWidthLengthWeightPressureCv
    30006153000 PSIG0-500 PSIG1000 PSIG4000 PSIG5.75"6.50"4.75"2.09 lbs0.2 PSIG/100 PSIG0.17 Cv

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    Flow Data for Models 25, 29 and 425
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    UL Certified
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