Model 85601-200 DLX P/N 4403211
Model 85601-200 DLX P/N 4403211

Model 85601-200 STD P/N 4403213
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Port-A-Torch® Outfit

Description: Classic Welding, Brazing and Cutting Outfit with Hose, Striker, and Goggles in a Convenient Carrier

Kit is designed to weld, cut and braze.  It includes hose striker and goggles in a fire resistant canvas carrier.  Model 85601-200 DLX comes with cylinders, Model 85601-200 STD comes without cylinders.

  • Features:


    • Heavy-duty weather-proof and flame retardant tool bag
    • Double stitched shoulder strap with metal clasp for easy carrying
    • Bottom features 4 non-skid feet and grommet for drainage
    • Storage pocket with heavy duty Velcro® closure
    • High impact, light weight, weather-proof polycarbonate frame
    • Embroidered Harris logo
    • Tip proof frame has tank straps with C-closure clasp, cups and cage that are molded into the frame to secure cylinders


    • All outfit components are industrial grade for professional use
    • Cutting attachments feature solid forged heads that resist flashback damage, triangular stainless steel tubes with brazed connections for added strength, solid brass forged levers for quick handle connection and a lock ring that secures torch nut in place to protect connector from damage
    • Torch handles feature silver-brazed, twin-tube construction for safety and extended service life and are made in the USA
    • Two-piece cutting tip is easy to clean and produces higher pre-heats and is manufactured with a beryllium copper shell to withstand higher heat with no damage to the tip
    • Welding mixer fits tip sizes 0-10 and are designed with lock ring to protect mixer seat from damage
    • Welding goggles are designed to accommodate prescription eyewear and take universal 2 x 4 1/4 replacement lenses
    • Instruction manual included with all outfits
    Part NumberModel NumberKit ContentsTip Seat StyleTorch HandleTorch Head AngleCutting TipWelding and Brazing TipCutting AttachmentRecommended Attachments
    4403211Model 85601-200 DLX w/CylindersGoggles, Striker, 12' x 3/16" Hose, 20 CU. FT. OXY. CYL., 10 CU. FT. "MC" ACET. CYL. (cylinders shipped empty)62908590°6290-0AC23A90-372-34301650 - 88-5FBT R&L FBA, 4301651 - 88-5FBR R&L
    4403213Model 85601-200 STD w/o CylindersGoggles, Striker, 12' x 3/16" Hose, 20 CU. FT. OXY. CYL., 10 CU. FT. "MC" ACET. CYL. (cylinders not included)62908590°6290-0AC23A90-372-34301650 - 88-5FBT R&L FBA, 4301651 - 88-5FBR R&L
  • Part NumberFuel GasCertificationsInletMixerMixing SystemFuel RegulatorOxygen Regulator
    UL CGA E-4CGA 200 & 540D-85E601-15-200601-80-540
    UL CGA E-4CGA 200 & 540D-85E601-15-200601-80-540
    UL Certified
  • Owner's ManualSafety GuidelinesTips on Cutting