• Get Started With Harris

    Getting Started
    With Harris

    Turn to Harris, the industry leader in alternate fuel equipment, for all your cutting, heating and brazing equipment needs. Using an alternate fuel is easy, and Harris has some simple steps for you to get started.

    Get Started: What You Need

    Alternate fuels perform much better than acetylene
    when you have the right equipment.

    Remember: The oxygen does the cutting, not the fuel gas.

  • What You Need

    What You Need

    Choose equipment specifically designed for your application.

    1. Get The Right Torch

    Be sure you have an injector style torch like the Harris model 62-5F or you may miss out on all the benefits of alternate fuels.

    2. Get The Right Tip

    Our two-piece 6290 series tips are specifically designed for the alternate fuel of your choice.

    3. Get The Right Regulator

    A Harris model 25-50C-510 is a great option for industrial applications.

    4. Get The Right Hose

    Grade “T” hose should always be used with all alternate fuels.

    Get Started: What To Do

  • What To Do

    What To Do

    Once you have the right Harris equipment, you can get to work.

    1. Safety

    Install and adjust your alternate fuel equipment as specified by the Harris tip guide.

    2. Light/Set

    Light and set your pre-heat flame. Note: you can check your settings by looking for a compact 3-inch “star” pattern.

    3. Preheat

    Preheat and cut your steel.

    4. Shut Down

    Shut down by turning off the torch fuel gas and then the torch oxygen.