Harris TRAKMAX Tractor - Model 622

TRAKMAX™ Portable Cutting and Welding Tractor

Introducing the TRAKMAX™ series of cutting and welding tractors from Harris. The Model 622 tractor is the first ever precision belt driven tractor. The precision belt on the tractor eliminates gear lash resulting in a significantly smoother operation without any lost motion. The precision belt is an innovative, new generation drive system that replaces and outperforms the friction or gear drive.

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Harris ECO SMART® Color Change Brazing Flux

ECO SMART® - The world's first boric acid-free smart flux

ECO SMART® is a unique, patent-pending flux that is designed with color change technology that lets you know when it is time to braze. Its boric acid free environmentally friendly formula starts out as a green color that changes to clear when the flux becomes active.

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Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire®

Convenient. Consistent. Quality. Introducing the Ring of Fire, a 15% silver ring that's a great alternative to brazing rod for any brazing project.

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Model 25GX Oxygen Regulator

Model 25GX

Ergonomic and durable – these are the qualities of an industrial regulator for the next generation, and that’s the strength of the Model 25GX from The Harris Products Group.

Series 220 Industrial Switchover Manifold

Series 220 / 240 Industrial Swichover Manifolds

The Series 220 Pressure Differential Switchover and the Series 240 Liquid Cylinder Gas Manifold are designed, machined and assembled in the U.S. at The Harris Products Group’s facility in Gainesville, Ga. Manufacturers who utilize gas – such as oxygen and acetylene for cutting processes or shielding gases for welding processes – can use a bank of cylinders in their process, instead of a single cylinder.

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Model 450 Regulator

Introducing the Model 450

Finally, an economically priced, heavy-duty regulator that has been specifically designed for use in the most abusive working conditions in both shop and field.

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