The Series 220 Pressure Differential Switchover and the Series 240 Liquid Cylinder Gas Manifold are designed, machined and assembled in the U.S. at The Harris Products Group’s facility in Gainesville, Ga. Manufacturers who utilize gas – such as oxygen and acetylene for cutting processes or shielding gases for welding processes – can use a bank of cylinders in their process, instead of a single cylinder.

The Harris Series 220 manifolds prevent downtime by automatically switching the gas supply from the primary cylinder bank to the reserve cylinder bank. There is no interruption of the manufacturing processes when a cylinder runs out. It can also reduce the overall cost of gas service. Manufacturers often are charged per delivery run, in addition to the cost of the gas itself. By enabling the system to manage multiple cylinders, manufacturers can reduce their delivery cost.

All of the components in the manifold are enclosed and protected inside a tamper-resistant case. Operators can clearly see a green light indicating use of the primary cylinder bank and red light indicating it has changed over. An optional remote alarm is also available.

The manifold is specialized to the type of gas to be used in the system – such as the use of stainless steel inner core pigtails for helium and hydrogen systems. Delivery pressures are available ranging from 0-15 to 50-200 PSIG. Safety is built into the systems with master shut-off valves on all systems. Acetylene systems are equipped with 300 SCFH Flashback arrestors, check valves and ASME pipeline relief valves to meet NFPA requirements.

The Series 240 manifold is designed to regulate and monitor vaporized gas from cryogenic cylinders. Uninterrupted gas service is often critical to the process when withdrawing gas from cryogenic cylinders, making these manifolds a necessity.

The Series 240 is available in a standard version with a 235 PSIG relief valve and a high-pressure version with a 350 PSIG relief valve. The manifolds are designed for delivery of carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon, nitrogen and nitrous oxide.

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Series 220 Industrial Switchover Manifold Series 220 Industrial Manifold
Series 240 Industrial Switchover Manifold Series 240 Industrial Manifold