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Bridgit® lead-free solder provides exceptional strength

Mason, OH
Bridgit Solder

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Bridgit® Lead-free Solder Provides Exceptional Strength

Mason, Ohio (DATE, 2021) –  Bridgit® plumbing solder, manufactured by Harris Products Group, is specifically formulated as a lead-free solder to replace the 50/50 tin-lead for copper tube connections.

Only Bridgit contains nickel, a key ingredient used to toughen stainless steel and tool steels, for higher joint strength and excellent flow properties. Bridgit has a wide plastic range which operators will find to their advantage when filling poorly fitted joints. It also has the capability of flowing through tight capillaries when joints are at or above its liquidus temperature. Bridgit solder has solidus at 460°F (238°C) and liquidus at 630°F (332°C).

Bridgit is a patented alloy that meets all Federal Requirements for lead-free solders mandated by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986.

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