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Harris’s Flagship 355-2 Flowmeter Regulator Offers One-Two Punch for Welders

Mason, OH
Flowmeter 355-2AR-580 Regulator

One challenge that welders face on the job is setting gas flow to the exact rate they need. Another is the need to regulate the pressure so that the flow stays consistent. Having these two capabilities in one unit makes the welder’s job easier and contributes to a better finished result. Yet many welders find themselves buying two separate products, perhaps unaware that there’s another option:  a combined flowmeter regulator.

The 355-2 Flowmeter Regulator from Harris Products Group delivers that convenient option while also offering heavy-duty performance, long life, and a reasonable price.

“Most gas regulator products on the market do not offer this option of having the flowmeter built into the design, but it’s a great option for welders,” said Timothy Reading, District Sales Manager at Harris. “The 355-2 is designed to give precise flow control of a number of the more common high pressure cylinder gases.”

The regulator is pre-set to a low compensated pressure of 20 PSIG, which allows a higher flow rate. This low pressure reduces surge and reduces the amount of gas wasted, while having enough compensation to eliminate any issues in the gun and machine.

Reading said. “It’s really a flagship product that people turn to again and again.” 

The Harris 355-2 flowmeter regular is made in the U.S. and features a 7-year warranty, the longest available on the market.

“The 355-2 is rugged and reliable; in fact its so reliable that it’s very rare for a customer to return one. We test every piece of equipment we make – this is not batch testing,” Reading said. “For the 355-2, we pressurize and check for leaks, and conduct other tests.”

 The flowmeter regulator has a one-piece encapsulated seat design, making it tamperproof. It features an internal filter and PTFE Teflon® seat.

The 355-2 is used almost exclusively for welding applications that require gas. For MIG welding of large or thick materials, this type of flow meter regulator is highly recommended.

The product features a durable, easy-to-read flow tube and cover. The flow tube and float are easily changed for different gases. The sensitive needle valve allows for fingertip control.


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