Corporate March 10, 2022 United States

As Helium Shortage Intensifies with Russia Sanctions, Harris Products Group Offers Guide to Maximizing Gas Allocation

Mason, OH

With conflict escalating between Russia and Ukraine, the helium shortage has worsened. Russia has one of the world’s largest supplies of this gas, and with sanctions in place to inhibit money flowing into the country, experts say helium will be even harder to obtain.

To help companies maximize their helium allocation during this crisis, The Harris Products Group is offering a free white paper with technical information and practical tips that provide advice about determining benchmarks, calculating inefficiencies and finding efficient solutions.

The guide from Harris provides valuable insights to customers in the areas of analytical labs, chemical processing, research, biotech, pharmaceuticals, fabrication and manufacturing who want to reduce helium usage, and also avoid the hefty capital expenses and time expenditures involved in having to convert to hydrogen usage. 

The ‘Maximizing Your Helium Gas Allocation’ white paper can be downloaded for free at

Harris manufactures gas distribution products including regulators and flowmeters, as well as gas manifold systems to accurately track and conserve the consumption of various types of gases.

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