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Model 763DataSMART® Dual Regulator Enclosure with Heater


Model 763 DataSMART® fully automatic switchover manifold system set-up for dual regulators with a heater.


The DataSMART® manifold is a gas distribution system used to monitor, control and switch the flow of gas from bulk, cryogenic or high-pressure cylinders while maintaining a settable, constant delivery pressure to the facility or process. It puts all aspects of your gas system at your fingertips. Even though DataSMART® works as a fully automatic switchover manifold, it provides so much more with its SMART FEATURES. This model is for dual regulator set-up and includes a heater.


  • DataSMART® can tell you exactly how much gas you have left, and not just the pressure, you get a more insightful understanding of you gas supply.
  • Automatic, real-time text alerts and an alarm notification will warn you when your gas is at pre-set trigger point so you can avoid costly downtime.
  • Utilizing all of this data, including the recorded dates of every switchover, you can easily schedule your deliveries precisely when you need them and for exactly the amount that you need for the utmost in efficiency.
  • System for variety of industries including analytical labs, chemical processing, research and development and biotech and pharmaceutical


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