PN: BK220R1

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Description: Phosphorus Tin Silicon Brazing Alloy

Blockade is a proprietary phosphorus-tin-silicon alloy engineered to provide a low cost alternative to silver bearing filler metals. It is self-fluxing on copper and its lower melting temperature makes it an excellent choice for brass. Blockade flows rapidly but can be used to "cap" brazed joints.

  • Part NumberSize
    BKFC2500R12 mm dia x 500 mm Flux-Coated - 20 Stick Tube
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  • Chemical CompositionSolidusLiquidusFluidity RatingRecommended Joint ClearanceAWS
    Cu - 94%
    P - 6%
    Ag - 0%
    1178° F
    637° C
    1247° F
    674° C
    7.002" / .005"BCuP-9
    The higher the fluidity rating, the faster the alloy flows within the melting range. Blockade has good fluidity, yet it has the unique ability to form a cap at the joint.
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