Bridgit Solder Flux
PN: BRPF4 4 oz. Jar

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Bridgit® Paste Flux

Description: Solder Flux Paste

Designed for use with lead-free solders. Works extremely well with Bridgit lead-free solder in potable water systems as equally well with other solders. Meets all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Stays active to 800oF and will not burn at soldering temperature, reducing black carbon formations that can result in voids and leaks.

Typical Application:  A plumbing paste flux formulated to withstand higher soldering temperatures.

  • Part NumberSize
    BRPF11 lb (0.4536 kg) - 1 Bottle
    BRPF44 oz (113.40 g) - 1 Brush Cap Bottle
    BRPF4POP4 oz (113.40 g) - 1 Brush Cap Bottle
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