Gal Viz Solder

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Gal Viz

Description: Lead-based Solder with Zinc

A special self-fluxing solder alloy for repairing damaged galvanized coatings. Gal Viz provides excellent corrosion resistance. It has a working temperature of about 600° F. Apply while base metal is hot. A clean wire brush will aid in tinning the surface with Gal Viz. It can also be tinned with a paddle or cloth. Do not direct flame on the alloy. Heat the base metal and rub the rod on the metal. When it melts, the temperature is correct.

Typical Application:  Galviz Solder is a Tin/Lead/Zinc solder used for the maintenance and repair of galvanized areas of sheet angle iron and other structures that have been welded or cut with a torch. Galviz is also used to coat areas against rusting and corrosion that have not been previously protected. Commonly used to protect structures that are too large to disassemble and dip such as galvanizing tanks.

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    GLVIZ901/4” x 14” (6.35 mm x 355.60 mm) 5 lb (227 kg) - 1 Package
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