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Nic-L-Weld 59
PN: NLW5960

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NIC-L-Weld 59 Electrodes

Description: Nickel-Iron Alloy Electrode (AC-DC)

A general purpose, nickel-iron electrode for production, salvage and repair of all cast irons.

Typical Application:  NIC-L-WELD 59 is suited to joining, filling and buildup of gray and alloyed cast irons. It can be used for fabrication and repair of pump housings, valves, castings, cast and malleable fittings, and for general repair of all cast irons. Deposits are machinable and have high strength.

  • Procedure:
    • Use AC or DC reverse polarity
    • Vee out cracks
    • Preheat heavy castings to approximately 400°F for best results
    • Direct the arc upon deposited metal with the electrode at a slight angle in the direction of travel
    • Lightly peen between passes and use a skip or back-step welding technique. Allow casting to cool slowly
    • Conforms to AWS A5.15, ENiFeCl
    • Close color match
    • Good machinability
    Part NumberSize
    NLW59503/32" - 10# Box
    NLW59601/8" - 10# Box
    NLW59705/32" - 10# Box
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