Alloy 170
PN: 0017030

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Alloy 170 (Flux-coated)

Description: Flux-cored Copper Welding Alloy

Harris Alloy 170 is a copper/zinc/nickel alloy developed for braze welding steel, and cast iron. It can also be used for brazing tungsten carbide to steel where higher joining temperature is not objectionable. The nickel addition provides hardness and strength compared to the standard bronze alloys. This characteristic makes it ideal for build up and overlay. Harris 170 flows easily and deposits can be machined. Harris 170 can be deposited using oxy-fuel torches. Flux coated rods are pre-coated with a flexible, flux coating for convenience and deposition ease.

Typical Application:  Maintenance, repair and fabrication applications, steel, copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys. Well suited for close-fit, strong “sweat” joints, bicycle frames and tubular furniture.

  • Procedure:
    • The process is similar to brazing as the base metal is not melted
    • Unlike brazing the rod must be continually applied as you move
      down the joint
    • Focus the flame on the part and heat until a dull red appears, then
      apply the rod, melting the rod with the flame to deposit a uniform
      braze layer along joint
    • Clean the area to be brazed
    • Apply with a “braze welding” technique
    • Bevel heavier sections approximately 150
    • Flux with bare No. 170 use Harris 17 paste flux
    • Use a neutral flame preheat and preheat joint
    • Remove flux residue by wire brushing with hot water
    Part NumberSize
    170FC601/8” x 36” Yellow FLUX 10lbs.
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  • Chemical CompositionSolidusLiquidusAWS
    Si - Max 3.5%
    Fe - Max 1.5%
    Cu - 46-50%
    Mn - Max 1.5%
    Zn - Rem%
    Sn - Max 3%
    1690°F (921°C)1715°F (935°C)AWS A5.8 RBCuZn-D
  • Welding ParametersWelding ParametersFiller Metal Selection Chart