Harris American Low Fuming Bronze
PN: HA01550

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Harris American Low Fuming Bronze

Description: Low-fuming Bronze Welding Alloy

Harris American Low Fuming Bronze is a copper/zinc alloy developed for braze welding steel, cast iron, and copper. Harris American LFB flows faster with less build up compared to #15 bronze. It can also be used for build up and overlay. Harris American Bronze flows easily with minimal fuming. Deposits can be machined and have excellent ductility. Harris bronze can be deposited using standard oxy-fuel torches, or with Harris Power Torch acetylene or alternate fuel tip equipment.

Flux - Use Harris 600 flux. Flux coated rods are pre-coated with a flexible, flux coating for convenience and deposition ease, (rods do not have to be continually dipped into the flux).

Typical Application:  Braze welding steel, cast iron and copper. May be used with standard oxy-fuel torch.

  • Procedure:
    • Clean braze area. Heavy sections should be beveled
    • Use a neutral flame, slightly preheat bare rod and dip it into the powder flux. Flux will adhere to the rod
    • Use the flame to preheat the joint
    • Harris American Bronze is applied with a “braze welding” technique. The process is similar to brazing as the base metal is not melted. Unlike brazing, the rod must be continually applied as you move down the joint
    • Focus the flame on the part and heat until a dull red appears, then apply the rod, melting the rod with the flame to deposit a uniform bronze layer
    • Remove flux residue with hot water and a wire brush
    • Melting temperature: 1590°F -  1630° F
    Part NumberSize
    HA015503/32" x 36" 50lbs. Box  Special Order
    HA015601/8” x 36” 50lbs. Box
    HA015705/32” x 36” 50 Box  Special Order
    HA015803/16” x 36” 50lbs. Box  Special Order
    HA015901/4” x 36” 50lbs. Box  Special Order
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  • Chemical CompositionSolidusLiquidusRecommended Joint ClearanceAWSShielding Gas
    Si - 0.08-0.12%
    Cu - 60-60.5%
    Mg - 0.1-0.15%
    Zn - Rem%
    Sn - 0.35-0.45%
    1590°F (866°C)1630°F (888°C)Heavy sections should be beveled.noneNeutral Flame
  • Welding ParametersWelding ParametersFiller Metal Selection ChartSpec Sheet