Harris American Low Fuming Bronze
PN: HA01550

Harris American Low Fuming Bronze


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  • Procedure:
    • Clean braze area. Heavy sections should be beveled
    • Use a neutral flame, slightly preheat bare rod and dip it into the powder flux. Flux will adhere to the rod
    • Use the flame to preheat the joint
    • Harris American Bronze is applied with a “braze welding” technique. The process is similar to brazing as the base metal is not melted. Unlike brazing, the rod must be continually applied as you move down the joint
    • Focus the flame on the part and heat until a dull red appears, then apply the rod, melting the rod with the flame to deposit a uniform bronze layer
    • Remove flux residue with hot water and a wire brush
    • Melting temperature: 1590°F -  1630° F
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  • Chemical CompositionSolidusLiquidusRecommended Joint ClearanceAWSShielding Gas
    Si - 0.08-0.12%
    Cu - 60-60.5%
    Mg - 0.1-0.15%
    Zn - Rem%
    Sn - 0.35-0.45%
    1590°F (866°C)1630°F (888°C)Heavy sections should be beveled.noneNeutral Flame
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