Silicon Bronze

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Silicon Bronze (MIG)

Description: Silicon Bronze Welding Alloy

This copper-silicon alloy is used to weld similar composition base metals, brass, and to weld these copper alloys to steel. Silicon bronze is also frequently used in GMAW “braze welding” of coated sheet steels.

  • Part NumberSize
    00SIB15.025” 10lbs. Spool
    00SIBE5.030” 10lbs. Spool
    00SIBE8.030” 30lbs. Spool
    00SIBF2.035” 2lbs. Spool
    00SIBF5.035” . 10lbs Spool
    00SIBF8.035” 30lbs. Spool
    00SIBF2D.035” 250lbs. Production Pak
    00SIBF5D.035” 500lbs. Production Pak
    00SIBH8.045” 30lbs. Spool
    00SIBH2D.045” 250lbs. Production Pak
    0SIBH5DP.045” 500lbs. Production Pak  Special Order
    00SIB381/16” 30lbs. Spool
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