17 Flux-cored

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17 FC

Description: Flux-coated High-Strength Brazing

A high strength, thin flowing, Nickel silver brazing steel. Used in some cast iron, maintenace, and repair applications where close fitting joints are used. Used on drill bits and drill bit extentions, tubular steel, furniture repairs, milling cutters, and broaches. A substitute for silver braze alloys in high temperature applications.

Typical Application:  Maintenance, repair, and fabrication applications, Steel, Copper and copper alloy, Nickel and nickel alloy.

  • Procedure:
    • Clean braze area
    • Harris 17 is usually used for a butt joint with little preparation except cleaning and grinding the surface
    • Bevel heavier sections
    • Use a neutral flame
    • Hold the flame cone close to the joining area
    • Remove flux residue with a wire brush and hot water
    • Tensile strength - Up to 95,000 psi
    • Solidus - 1690ºF
    • Liquidus - 1750ºF
    • Color - silvery
    Part NumberSize
    017FC601/8" x 18" - 5# Box
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