65 Nickel Iron Electrodes

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65 Nickel Iron Electrodes

Description: Nickel-iron Alloy Electrode

Premium nickel-iron alloy electrode (AC-DC). For gray and alloyed cast iron. 65 Nickel is for the repair of all types of cast iron. It yields dense, strong, yet totally machinable deposits. It is ideal for the repair of “Meehanite”, “Ni-Resist”, ductile iron and for the joining of cast iron to steel. Typical applications embody the repair of castings, housings, gear teeth, motor, machine bases, etc.

  • Procedure:
    • Use AC or DC reverse polarity with a short arc. Prepare the weld joint by cleaning and beveling as required
    • Use HARRIS CHAMFER ARC for grooving. Tack weld cracks and drill small holes at each end of cracks to stop further cracking
    • Generally, preheating is not necessary, particularly on thin sections; however, preheat of 400F - 500F is suggested in the welding of heavier castings
    • Stringer beads are preferred; however, slight weaving may be used
    • Skip or back-step weld. Short deposits no longer than 1 1/2” are recommended
    • Peen each bead while still hot to stress relieve. Allow casting to cool slowly
    • Tensile strength - Up to 72,000 psi
    • Close color match
    • Spatter free, high-density, ductile deposits
    • Ductility - First choice
    • Good machinability - BHN 190-220
    • Thick sections - First choice
    • Thin sections - Alternate choice
    • Cast iron to steel - First choice
    • Multiple passes - First choice
    • Welding under restraint - First choice
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    00065503/32" - 5# Box
    00065601/8" - 5# Box
    00065705/32" - 5# Box
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