Cut Rod

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Cut Rod

Description: Metal Working Electrode (AC-DC)

Metal working electrode (AC-DC). For cutting and piercing any metal. Use with regular arc welding equipment. No air or oxygen required. Cut Rod cuts all metals and alloys including stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass & bronze. It is used for piercing holes, enlarging openings, trimming metals, removing frozen bolts, removing gates and risers, etc.

  • Procedure:
    • Use AC or DC reverse polarity on regular welding machines
    • For cutting, strike an arc at the point where cutting is to begin
    • Once the arc is struck, maintain the electrode in contact with the work
    • Use a continuous up and down “saw like” motion. Do not maintain an arc gap
    • To pierce holes, hold the electrode vertical to the work. Once the arc is struck, push the electrode through the metal
    • Rapidly remove the electrode once the hole is pierced. To enlarge the hole, move the electrode in a circular motion
    • The special core wire in Cut Rod has a heat resistant coating which is nonconductive
    • This enables you to operate the electrode at higher amps
    • It creates a greater blasting action with faster cutting
    • Economy is achieved by saving time, fuel and labor
    Part NumberSize
    CTR0D601/8" - 25# Box
    CTR0D705/32" - 25#
    CTR0D803/16" - 25# Box
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