Flashback arrestors
Flashback Arrestor

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Flashback Arrestor

Regulator mount flash back arrestor featuring inlet screen filters, built-in check valves and stainless steel sintered element to extinguish flashback fire.

Typical Application:  When used on gas regulators prevents hazards from reverse flow and flash backs.

  • Part NumberModel NumberDescription
    430165588-5 FBHR (L)High Flow Fuel Gas
    430165288-5 FBHR (R)High Flow Oxygen
    430041488-5SFBR (R&L)Regulator Type
    430165188-5 FBR (R&L)Regulator Type
  • Part NumberGasCertificationsConnection Threads
    Fuel Gases
    CGA V19/16" 18 RL
    Fuel Gases
    CGA V19/16" 18 RL
    CGA V19/16" 18 R
    4301655Fuel Gases
    CGA V19/16" 18 L