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Model 301AR-58010 Flowgauge Regulator Kit

Description: Argon Flow Gauge Shielding Gas Kit

Flow Gauge Regulator Shielding Gas Kit includes 10" x 3/16" Inert Gas Hose

Typical Application:  For Controlling Argon or Argon Mix Cylinder Shielding Gases

Flow Control
  • Features:
    • Outfit available with Flowgauge or Flowmeter Regulator
    • Flowgauge Kit features Model 301
    • Flowmeter Regulator Kit features Model 355
    • Outfit includes 10' of 3/16" approved hose with inert gas fittings
    Part NumberModel NumberCapacityStageGaugesGasInletOutletCertifications
    4400229Model 301AR-58010 Flowgauge Regulator KitMedium/Heavy DutySingle2" BrassArgon
    CGA 580"B" 5/8”-18 (F)UL CGA E4
  • Part NumberDelivery Pressure RangeDelivery Pressure GaugeSupply Pressure Gauge
    44002290-60 PSIG4000 PSIG4000 PSIG

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    UL Certified