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Model 301-IGG
Model 301-80-IGGRF-032

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Model 30IGG

Description: Flowgauge Regulator with Inert Gas Guard®

A special Flowgauge Regulator designed to correct surge and provide full flow control in existing flow control equipment.

Typical Application:  Pipeline

Pressure Control
  • Part NumberModel NumberCapacityStageGaugesGasInletOutlet
    3000326301-80-IGG-032 Without GaugeMedium/Heavy DutySingle2" SteelArgon
    Carbon Dioxide
    5/8"-18 Male RH5/8"-18 RH Female
    3000340301-80-IGGRFNG-032 Without GaugeHeavy DutySingle2" SteelArgon
    Carbon Dioxide
    5/8"-18 RH Female5/8"-18 RH Male
    3000328301-80-IGGRF-032 With GaugeHeavy DutySingle2" SteelArgon
    Carbon Dioxide
    5/8"-18 RH Female 5/8"-18 RH Male
    Gas Surge Calculator
  • Part NumberDelivery Pressure RangeDelivery Pressure GaugeSupply Pressure Gauge
    30003260-80 SCFH80 SCFH4000 PSIG
    30003280-80 SCFH80 SCFH4000 PSIG
    30003400-80 SCFH80 SCFH4000 PSIG

    Diagram of Model 301
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    Flow Data for Model 301
    UL Certified
  • ManualManual