Series 210 Manifold
Series 210 Manifold

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Series 210 Manifold

Description: Series 210 Pressure Differential Manifold

The Series 210 Manifold automatically switches gas supply from the primary cylinder bank to the reserve dylinder bank.  Regulators must be manually reset to change the primary and reserve bank.  The Series 210 Manifold features 1/2" brass construction with silver brazed connections.  The Series 210 features the Model 3510 high flow brass regulator.  The outlet regulator is ordered separately based on deliver pressure requirements.

Pressure Control
  • Features:
    • Master shut off valves included
    • Maximum inlet pressure 3000 PSIG
    • Acetylene systems (CGA 510) include dry-type flash arrestors on pigtail end
    • Headers include: stainless steel pigtails, check valves and header valves.  Hydrogen and helium systems include stainless steel braided pigtails with a stainless steel plastic inner core.  All other systems include stainless steel braided pigtails with a PTFE lined inner core.
    • All pigtails include check valves


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