Series 220 Industrial Switchover Manifold
Series 220 Industrial Switchover Manifold

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Series 220 Manifold

Description: Series 220 Pressure Differential Manifold

The Series 220 Manifold prevents downtime by automatically switching gas supply from the primary cylinder bank to the reserve cylinder bank.  All components are enclosed and protected inside a tamper-resistant case.  A green light indicates the primary cylinder bank is functioning and the reserve cylinder bank is ready for service.  A red light alerts the user that the unit has changed over and one or both banks are depleted (except on fuel gas units).  The user resets the primary bank by turning the lever whenever the empty cylinders are replaced.

Pressure Control
  • Features:
    • Integral alarm system is standard, remote A/V alarm optional
    • Master shut-off valves included
    • All systems include stainless steel braided pigtails with PTFE lined inner core except helium and hydrogen systems which have a stainless steel inner core
    • Acetylene systems include:  300 SCFH Flashback arrestor, Stainless steel braided pigtails with individual Flashback arrestors and check valves
    • Electrical - 115 volts (AC) except for fuel gas
    • Manifold outlet - 1/2" NPT
    • Relief valve outlet - 1/4" NPT 


    Manifold Selection Tool
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