Series 230 Manifold
Series 230 Manifold

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Series 230HP Manifold

Description: Series 230HP Fully Automatic Manifold - High Delivery Pressure

The Series 230 Manifold provides fully automatic system control.  An integrated circuit board monitors cylinder bank pressure electronically, controlling change0ver and eliminating the need to manually reset levers or valves.  Easy-to-read digital displays show the line and individual bank pressures.  A series of lights for each bank indicates whether the bank is "in service", "ready for use", or "bank depleted".

Pressure Control
  • Features:
    • Connects to remote alarm systems.  Up to 3 amps 30 volts (DC) or 2 amps 250 volts (AC).  Visual remote alarm is standard.  Audio/Visual alarm optional.
    • Fully Automatic Changeover - No levers to reset.  Continuous, uninterrupted gas flow.  The only manual function is to replace depleted cylinders.
    • Displays readout in PSIG, KPA, or BAR
    • Micro controller monitors all functions and controls changeover. 
    • Built to accommodate future cylinder expansion by adding header extensions.
    • Special header configurations available upon request
    • Optional Audio/visual alarm and floor stand available
    • Manifold outlet - 1/2" NPT
    • Relief valve outlet - 1/2" NPT
    • 24" flexible stainless steel pigtails with check valves
    • 1/2" brass, silver brazed headers
    • Electrical - 115 volts (AC) 


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