Harris Model 45 Regulator (P/N 300177)
Harris Model 45S Regulator

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Model 45S

Description: Heavy Duty Single Stage Regulator

This single stage regulator features a stainless steel diaphragm for extra safety, longer life, and greater dependability. All Model 45S regulators have internal, tamper-proof high pressure safeties as well as self-reseating high pressure safeties.

Pressure Control
  • Features:  Featured in Ironworker® and Ironworker® 2 kits
    Part NumberModel NumberCapacityStageGaugesGasInletOutletCertifications
    300177845S-15-300Heavy DutySingle2.5" BrassAcetylene
    CGA 3009 ⁄16" - 18LHCGA E-4
    300177745S-15-510Heavy DutySingle2.5" BrassAcetylene
    CGA 5109 ⁄16" - 18LHCGA E-4
    300177645S-145-540Heavy DutySingle2.5" BrassOxygen
    CGA 5409 ⁄16" - 18RHCGA E-4
  • Part NumberMax Inlet PressureDelivery Pressure RangeSupply Pressure GaugeWeightPressureCv
    30017763000 PSIG0 - 145 PSIG4000 PSIG3.88 lbs..3 PSI /100 PSIG0.17
    3001777500 PSIG0 - 15 PSIG400 PSIG3.81 lbs..3 PSI /100 PSIG0.17
    3001778500 PSIG0 - 15 PSIG400 PSIG3.81 lbs..3 PSI /100 PSIG0.17
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