Model 25
Model 25MR

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Model 25MR

Description: Small Metering Regulator

The Model 25 is designed for extended trouble-free service and features a large diaphragm that maintains an accurate flow rate from full cylinder to empty.

  • Captive inlet nut to protect the seat
  • Internal relief system to guard against over-pressurization
  • Color-coded pressure gauge engineered to ANSI B-40.1 specifications
Flow Control
Pressure Control
  • Part NumberModel Number
    350060225-3 OX15M-280
    350060125-3 OX15M-540
    350060025-3 OX15M-870
  • Part NumberGasEquipment TypeGauge SizeInletOutletMax Inlet PressureSupply Pressure GaugeDelivery Pressure GaugeFlow Range
    3500600Oxygen0-15 LPM Regulators2"CGA-870 (yoke)DISS30004000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM
    3500601Oxygen0-15 LPM Regulators2"CGA-540DISS30004000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM
    3500602Medical/Breathing Mixtures0-15 LPM Flowmeters2"CGA-280DISS30004000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM
    3500637Nitrous OxideAdjustable Regulators2"CGA-326DISS30004000 psi100 psiN/A
    3500638OxygenAdjustable Regulators2"CGA-540DISS30004000 psi100 psiN/A