Model 355-2
Model 355

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Model 355

Description: Flowmeter Regulator

The Model 355 is a compact, combination flowmeter and regulator designed to deliver an adjustable flow up to 15 LPM. The Model 355 is designed to maintain accurate delivery, even when upstream pressure fluctuates.

The Model 355 is commonly used in hospitals and home care applications for nebulizers, humidifiers, masks and tents.

  • Captive nut to protect the seat
  • Internal relief system to guard against over-pressurization
  • Flow tube easily read from different angles
  • Color-coded pressure gauge engineered to ANSI B-40.1 specifications
Flow Control
  • Part NumberModel Number
    3500630355-OX15 MF-540
    3500631355-OX15 MF-870
  • Part NumberGasEquipment TypeInletOutletMax Inlet PressureSupply Pressure GaugeDelivery Pressure GaugeFlow Range
    3500630Oxygen0-15 LPM FlowmetersCGA-540DISS30004000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM
    3500631Oxygen0-15 LPM FlowmetersCGA-870 (yoke)DISS30004000 psi15 LPM0-15 LPM