Model 301P
Model 301PR

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Model 301PR

Description: Small Preset Oxygen Regulator

The Model 301 single-stage preset oxygen regulator possesses the sensitivity and flow control of much larger regulators in a compact design.

Preset at 50 PSIG, the Model 301 is designed to provide equipment downstream with constant pressure.

Features fo the Model 301 include:

  • Internal safety disc to guard against over-pressurization
  • Sintered bronze filter
  • A 1 1/2" gauge engineered to ANSI B-40.1 specifications
Pressure Control
  • Part NumberModel Number
  • Part NumberGasEquipment TypeGauge SizeCertificationsInletOutletMax Inlet PressureSupply Pressure Gauge
    3500616Oxygen50 psi Preset Regulators1 1/2"CGA-870CGA-870DISS30004000 psi
    3500617Oxygen50 psi Preset Regulators1 1/2"CGA-540CGA-540DISS30004000 psi
  • ManualSafety GuidelinesCylinder Regulator Installation Video