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Model 1-GPM

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Model 1-GPM

Description: 1-GPM Cutting Tip

Two-piece Victor Compatible Oxy-Propylene Hand Cutting Tip

Typical Application:  For Cutting with Oxy-Propylene

  • Part NumberModel NumberTip Seat StyleCutting TorchTorch HandleRecommended Attachments
    1502328Model 1-GPM-7Victor® 1-101V-62-5E, V-62-5FV-315-CV-2460F, V-2460AF, V-2460, V-2460A
    1502329Model V1-GPM-8Victor® 1-101V-2460F, V-2460AF, V-2460, V-2460A
  • Part NumberMixing SystemCompatitble Handle
    1502328E or FV-315-C
    1502329E or FV-315-C
  • ManualTips on Cutting