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Model 89-3
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Model 89-3
Model 89-3

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Model 89-3

Description: Automatic Air Fuel Heating Torch

The Harris 89-3 heating and soldering torch is designed to operate with natural gas (4oz. to 2 lbs.) or propane in combination with 50 P.S.I. to 100 O.S.I. of compressed air only.  The 89-3 is completely automatic.  Once adjusted to the proper flame, the pilot light can be retained during down time and full flame returned instantly by pressing the hand lever.  The pilot light can be enlarged to a full "smoothing on" secondary flame when used for soldering.  The tip can be positioned in any direction.

  • Features:
    • Large area soft soldering
    • Preheating castings for welding
    • Heating pipes in chemical plants
    • Mold drying
    • Metal cleaning (Brewery Vats, Rubber Molds, etc)
    • Burning plant
    • Heating forming dies prior to hard facing
    • Stress relieving die shoes
    • For use with compressed air only
    • Max. BTU output
      •     130,000 BTU with propane
      •     85,000 BTU with natural gas
    Part NumberModel NumberTip Seat StyleTorch TypeBrazing TipSeriesAccessories
    140038289-381-12Heating81-289-381-12 Heating Tip
  • Part NumberFuel GasInletMixing System
    1400382Air LPG
    "B" 9/16"-24 R+LHF
  • ManualSafety GuidelinesTips on Cutting