Model 18-5
Model 18-5

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Model 18-5

Description: Automatic Torch Handle

The Model 18-5 automatic torch handle features an exclusive gas control system to reduce operating costs and to improve safety and convenience.  The thumb operated on/off gas control and adjustable pilot light eliminate relighting and flame readjustment each time the torch is used.  The 18-5 on/off feature can be used for cutting, welding and brazing with all fuel gases.  The pilot light feature is only recommended for oxy-acetylene welding and brazing.

  • Features:
    • Automatic on/off gas control
    • Adjustable pilot light
    • Equipped with Flash Guard® check valves
    • Capacity:  cuts 6", welds to 1/2"
    • Length:  10 1/2", Weight:  1.6 lbs
    Part NumberModel NumberTorch TypeTorch LengthLengthWeightCutting TipBrazing TipSeriesAccessories
    140182018-5Combination Handle10.5"10.5"1.6 lbs6290-AC, 6290, 6290-S, 6290-NX, 6290-NFF, 6290-NXP23-A-90, 1390, 1390-N18-58593 Tip Tube, T-43 Tip Tube
  • Part NumberFuel GasMixerCutting AttachmentInletMixing System
    Oxy-natural Gas/Methane
    E-43, E2-43, E3-43, B-43-N73-3, 49-3F"B" 9-16"-18 R+LHE & F
    UL Certified
  • Model 18-5 Attachments
    Model 18-5 Attachments
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