Model 98 Machine Torches
Model 98-6E

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Model 98-6E

Description: 10" Positive Pressure "E" Type 2 hose Machine Cutting Torch

Harris machine cutting torches are designed to handle all types of machine cutting applications. Rugged and dependable, these torches provide up to 15" cutting capacity. The 98-6 series torches are available in two-hose and three-hose design for all fuel gases at pressures as low as 4 oz.

  • Features:
    • Solid head for maximum strength
    • Standard 1 3/8" diameter barrel
    • Use with 6290 High Speed Machine Cutting Tips
    • Equipped with Flash Guard® check valves
    • Rack supplied is 32 pitch (10.12 teeth/in.)
    Part NumberModel NumberTip Seat StyleTorch TypeTorch HandleTorch Head AngleLengthWeightCutting TipSeries
    110142598-6ER-326290, 6290-S, 6290-ACMachine Cutting43180°10"3.3 lbs6290, 6290-S, 6290-AC98-6E
    110143598-6TER-326290, 6290-S, 6290-ACMachine Cutting43180°10"3.3 lbs6290, 6290-S, 6290-AC98-6E
    110144598-6TAER-326290, 6290-S, 6290-ACMachine Cutting43180°18"4.2 lbs6290, 6290-S, 6290-AC98-6E
  • Part NumberFuel GasCertificationsInletMixing System
    UL"B" 9/16" - 18 R+LHE
    UL"B" 9/16" - 18 R+LHE
    UL"B" 9/16" - 18 R+LHE
    UL Certified
  • ManualSafety GuidelinesTips on Cutting