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Model 85601-200 DLX w/Cylinders

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Model V-100C601-200 DLX w/Cylinders

Description: V-Series® Port-A-Torch® Deluxe

Deluxe V-series Port-A-Torch Cutting, Welding and Brazing Kit with Hose Striker, Goggles and Cylinders in a convenient carrier. The Port-A-Torch stores all the equipment you need for cutting, welding and brazing in a rugged, molded plastic carrying case.  Includes one MC acetylene cylinder and one 20 CF oxygen cylinder (both shipped empty).  Cuts to 1" and welds to 1/16" with equipment supplied.  Can cut 4" and weld to 1/2" with larger tips and acetylene cylinder (sold separately).

Typical Application:  Kit is designed to cut, weld and braze. It includes hose, striker, goggles and a fire resistant canvas carrier.

  • Features:
    • Solid Forged Head with Mixer
    • Triangular Tube construction
    • Brazed Connection
    • Cutting Oxygen Valve features Ease-on and Easy Access
    • Solid Brass Forged Lever
    Part NumberModel NumberKit ContentsTip Seat StyleTorch HandleTorch Head AngleCutting TipWelding and Brazing TipCutting AttachmentRecommended Attachments
    4403214V-100601-200 DLXGoggles, Striker, 12' x 3/16" Hose, 20 CU. FT. OXY. CYL., 10 CU. FT. "MC" ACET. CYL. (cylinders shipped empty)V3-101100C90°1-V3-10123A90-3V-24604301650 - 88-5FBT R&L FBA, 4301651 - 88-5FBR R&L
  • Part NumberFuel GasCertificationsInletMixerMixing SystemFuel RegulatorOxygen Regulator
    UL CGA E-4CGA 200 & 540V-W-1E601-15-200601-80-540
    UL Certified
  • ManualSafety GuidelinesTips on Cutting