Model SG1050
Shown with optional base plate assembly and 150 SCCM flow tube

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SG 1050

Description: Low Flow Specialty Gas Flowmeter

The SG 1050 Series Flowmeters provide the most accurate indication and precise control of gases available for a wide range of applications.

All SG 1050 Series glass metering tubes have integral float guides to ensure a guaranteed ±5% of full scale accuracy. The meters are available in a range of 150mm reference indicating scales.

Pressure Rating:
250 PSIG maximum operating pressure

Temperature Rating:
250°F maximum operating temperature

±5% of full scale flow rate

0.25% of scale reading

10 to 1, (i.e., 100% to 10% of full scale)mm or linear flow with conversion curves and/or factors

Shipping Weight:
1 Lb - Flowmeter
1 Lb - Base

Typical Application:  Flow Control

Flow Control
  • Features:
    • High resolution 150mm scale length
    • Precision tapered, fluted metering tube
    • Standard front panel mounting requires minimum hardware easy installation, quick access
    • Simplified, direct acting, nonrotating compression plug for quick and easy tube sealing
    • Single tube unit
    Gas Purity
    Grade 6.0 (99.9999) and higher
    Specialty Gas Selection Tool

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  • Max Inlet Pressure PSIGMax Inlet Pressure MetricGas ServiceGas SupplyGasWeight
    Corrosive or Non-corrosive1 lb. (0.45 kg)
  • Manual