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Model 8000

Description: High Capacity Gas Purifier

The model 8000 gas purifier is equivalent in operation to the model 8010 but is designed for high capacities and lower working pressure.

Material of Construction
Shell: Aluminum Gaskets: Neoprene Strainer Assembly: Monel or Brass

Max. operating pressure: 350 psi (2415 kPa)
Max. flow rate: 10 scfm for short periods. 1 to 3 scfm for extended use.
Pressure drop: 0.12 psi for 3 scfm
1 psi for 7.5 scfm
Temperature range: -40º to 200º F (-40º to 95º C)
Capacity: Will dry 1750 std. cu. ft. at 125 psi saturated at 90°
Dew Point Achieved: -100° F (-75° C)
Dimensions: 4 3/4” dia. X 15 5/8” L
Connections: 1/4” MNPT
Weight: 3.58 lbs.

Pressure Control
  • Model NumberDescription
    Cartridge8000 13X Oil & Water
    Cartridge8000 4A Water
    Cartridge8000 Activated Charcoal THC
  • Gas ServiceGas Supply
    Food Service
    General Purpose

    Diagram of Model 8000
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