SG 920 Manifold

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SG 920

Description: High Purity Boxed Manifold System

The SG 920 series manifold provides uninterrupted gas supply for non-corrosive, high-purity applications. The end user resets the primary bank by turning a control knob. Gas applications include high-purity, process analyzers, laser, research sample systems, gas chromatography, emission monitoring systems and EPA protocol mix gases.

Pressure Control
  • Features:
    • Stainless steel diaphragm regulators
    • Packless diaphragm valve tee purge inlet
    • Maximum inlet pressure 3000 PSIG (2000 psi for CO2 & N2O systems)
    • Manifold outlet: 1/4" OD tube
    • Relief valve outlet: 1/2" OD tube
    • Acetylene systems include pigtails with individual flashback arrestors and check valves
    • Stainless steel lined pigtails
    Manifold Selection Tool

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    High Purity
    HP Cylinder

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