Single and Double Outlet Drops

Model 200 - Duplex

Model 200 single regulator manifold R/L with two banks of cylinders


Model 200 single regulator manifold R/L provides gas from two banks of cylinders. 1/2” brass headers are available in left and right configurations. The outlet regulator is ordered separately based on the required delivery pressure.


  • 3000 PISG maximum inlet pressure
  • Acetylene systems (CGA 510) include dry-type arrestors on the pigtail end
  • All systems include stainless steel braided pigtails with PTFE lined inner core, except those for helium and hydrogen that have a stainless steel inner core
  • All pigtails include check valves.

Typical Applications

  • Industrial gas applications
  • Metal fabrication
  • Multiple cylinders


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -