Harris regulator gauges
By Doug Perry

What factors go into selecting regulator gauges?

A regulator gauge is a simple device whose sole function is to indicate high and low pressures flowing through the regulator. That doesn't mean all gauges are the same.

DYK banner
By Paul Greenwell

Did you know that a protocol station can extend the life of a regulator?

Sometimes referred to as single station manifolds or regulator mounting stations, a properly installed protocol station can extend the life of a regulator.

Purge manifolds main image
By David Gailey

Proper use of purge devices can extend the life of specialty gas equipment in corrosive gas systems

With the high cost of specialty gas equipment for corrosive and reactive gases, you need to protect your investment as much as possible. In this blog entry we discuss what steps you should take to extend the life of your equipment.

CGA connections on gas cylinders
By Harris Products Group

Why do cylinder valves have different thread types?

It is required in the U.S. by OSHA and the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) that cylinder valves be designed differently to prevent interchangeability with gas systems and equipment. This is one of the most important safety practices in the gas industry.

Cutting with a Harris torch
By Harris Products Group

Will a Check Valve stop a Flashback?

A flashback is an uncontrolled flame that recesses back into your oxy-fuel gas equipment, upstream of the location where the gas is designed to mix. In order to have a flashback you must have oxygen and fuel mixed together.