Model 25GX Oxygen Regulator Model 25GX Oxygen Regulator

New Model 25GX from Harris Offers Next Generation Regulator

Gainesville, GA - Nov 12, 2012 :

Ergonomic and durable – these are the qualities of an industrial regulator for the next generation, and that’s the strength of the Model 25GX from The Harris Products Group.

“While most of our competition is changing to cheaper materials – plastic encasements and smaller gauges – we are manufacturing high quality, long-lasting industrial products for professionals and backing that up with an unrivaled warranty,” said Ira Bennett, director of marketing for The Harris Products Group. “We’ve taken popular products – like the workhorse Model 25 – and made them even better, providing great value and application solutions to our customers.”

Randy Edenfield, director of North American product development/R&D, said the Model 25GX takes the quality, time-proven technology and durability professionals expect of The Harris Products Group and enhances it with an ergonomic knob, larger easy-to-read gauges and a modified outlet angle for improved LP cylinder clearance.

“Our international product development team is focused on innovating products that meet our customers’ needs,” Edenfield said. “Rather than looking at what we can do, we’re looking at what our customers want and need us to do – deliver an industrial-grade, durable regulator that performs in the harshest work environments and are engineered to last.”

Harris regulators sold in the U.S. are manufactured in The Harris Products Group’s state-of-the-art facility in Gainesville, Ga. The Model 25GX meets all relevant industry standards including CGA E-4 guidelines, and passes the CGA E4 ignition test. It is also UL listed. In addition, every regulator is 100% tested, 100% of the time. Like all industrial Harris regulators, they are tested to have a leakage rate of less than 1 x 10-3 cubic centimeters per second – less than a thimble of gas every eight years.

The new, larger gauges are multi-scaled and have a 2 ½” steel case. The regulator is available in a variety of delivery pressures, including 0-15, 0-50, 0-145, 0-200, 0-250 and 0-500 PSIG, and for a variety of gasses, including acetylene, propane, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium and others.

Along with the roll-out of this next generation regulator, The Harris Products Group is also announcing an extension of its warranty on all industrial regulators to seven years from the previous warranty of three years. The seven-year warranty is one of the longest in the industry and reflects the durability of the Harris product.

David J. Nangle, president of The Harris Products Group, said all of these new products, the extended warranty and the FABTECH focus on customer cost savings are indicative of the company’s customer-focused initiatives.

“We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that give our customers an advantage. Whether through the cost savings of Dynaflow as an alternative to high silver alloys or the durability of our industrial line of regulators, The Harris Products Group is committed to manufacturing superior products that help our customers be more efficient, productive and profitable,” Nangle said.

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