HardHat Metalworking Outfit HardHat Metalworking Outfit

The Harris Products Group to launch new cutting outfit series at FABTECH

Gainesville, GA - Nov 12, 2012 :

The Harris Products Group is announcing the debut of their HardHat Metalworking Outfits, designed with contractors in mind. As the leading U.S. manufacturer of brazing, soldering, welding and cutting equipment and alloys, Harris is focused on releasing industrial-grade products for professionals.

The HardHat Metalworking Outfits contain regulators, torches and flashback arrestors – the ideal set for the professional looking to upgrade equipment. They contain Harris’ most popular combinations of torches and regulators. The equipment delivers superior results for cutting, brazing and welding using oxy-acetylene or alternate fuels.

“We understand that our customers need equipment that can withstand harsh conditions in the field or in the shop. Professionals use these tools for their livelihood, and they need them to perform at a high level, day in and day out,” said Ira Bennett, director of marketing for The Harris Products Group. “Our HardHat Outfits are assembled specifically for these contractors, giving them the high-quality tools they need to be the best.”

The outfits include both classic style and the Harris “V” series, for those who utilize Victor®-style tips. While the classic outfit includes cutter-pacs, both outfits are combination - meant for a variety of applications. All of them include safety features, such as an encapsulated seat in the regulators and flashback arrestors that are offer the user maximum protection.

From cutter-pacs to combination outfits, the HardHat outfits contain the most popular combinations of torches and regulators. Customers can choose an outfit containing either the medium-duty Model 425 or the heavy-duty, economic Model 450, which was released at last year’s FABTECH show.

All of the industrial regulators contained in the HardHat outfits are covered under Harris’ 7-year warranty. With the warranty extension announced this year at FABTECH, the Harris warranty is one of the longest in the industry and reflects the durability of the Harris product line.

The included torches are also among the most popular, such as the 62-5F and 42-4F hand cutting torches with an injector mixer that produces the hottest flame possible at the lowest gas pressure – 4 oz.- 2 PSIG. The injector mixers help make these torches the safest and most efficient design in the industry.

The “V” series of outfits is designed for use with all fuel gases. Highlights of these outfits include either the heavy-duty Model V-315C or medium-duty V100C torch handles with tube-within-a-tube construction, helping them be lightweight while maintaining strength and durability.

“The new outfits designed for professionals and our extended warranty program are a reflection of our dedication to manufacturing only the best,” David J. Nangle, president of The Harris Products Group said. “We take feedback from our customers seriously and strive to deliver products that meet their needs, perform in a variety of applications and produce superior results.”

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