Harris Products Introduces the Perfect Flame®, an Engineered Solution for Production Brazing

Mason, Ohio - Sep 10, 2018 :

The Harris Products Group, a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of equipment (cutting, welding, brazing, and soldering), consumables and gas distribution systems, has introduced a new tool in its suite of value-added, cost reduction services: the Perfect Flame®.

This engineered system, which delivers consistent results for repetitive, high volume handheld brazing applications, includes torches, tips, flow control devices and software that work together to improve brazing quality and increase productivity.

The Perfect Flame sets high brazing standards and then controls variables to produce consistent joint quality. This process results in better flame control which leads to overall better brazing quality; fewer leaks and rejects; and reductions in operational costs related to labor, oxygen and fuel gas.

The system is a major component of Harris' popular Documented Cost Reduction (DCR) Program. With the DCR program, customers benefit from Harris extensive knowledge of brazing from "both sides of the flame." Harris outlines areas for potential improvements such as leak reductions programs, material cost reductions, operator training programs, and optimal brazing equipment selection. As part of the DCR program, the Perfect Flame validates the changes that drive better operational and financial performance.

Before the Perfect Flame, it was very difficult to produce consistent braze joint quality because operators could independently adjust the flame setting on the torch. Now, with the Perfect Flame’s built-in software, companies can duplicate flame settings across an organization. The software measures flame chemistry, flow rates, and calculates temperatures BTU value to determine and control the perfect flame in production environments. These flame attributes are then saved into the system as presets and assigned to a project or part type. With the Perfect Flame, the "perfect" brazing flame can be replicated over and over again.

"Ninety percent of all brazing failures are heat input related. By controlling the process, the Perfect Flame can decrease these failures," said Randy Edenfield, Director North American Product Development/R&D at Harris Products Group. \"The Perfect Flame produces an engineered flame with the correct BTU setting. This ensures that the proper amount of heat is being transferred, which will avoid heat input problems while decreasing the amount of time spent on each brazed joint."

In addition to solving quality issues, the Perfect Flame helps remedy workforce issues by reducing the amount of time needed to train new employees. New hires can become productive sooner since less time is needed to instruct them on how to set a flame.

The Perfect Flame features another first to brazing operations: ViziBraze™ data analysis. Each Perfect Flame unit features installed software that collects data on each operator – flame set-up, gas usage, torch on-time, etc. The software collects this data that is batch loaded to a cloud-based server. Data is then presented in the ViziBraze dashboard that enables management to thoroughly monitor, track and improve its brazing operation.

In fact, with the Perfect Flame, this is the first time that management can apply Six Sigma principles– Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) – to the brazing process. It is a decision-making tool that will help companies reach new levels of productivity and quality.

Applying Six Sigma to handheld brazing operations has never been possible because previously there were no controls or measurement tools in place. The Perfect Flame gives companies new insights that help to eliminate defects in the pursuit of brazing production perfection.

The Perfect Flame is available in two models. The Model ST, the single torch configuration, allows the braze operator to toggle between five different settings so that he/she can quickly and seamlessly switch between different preset flames for different braze connections. Hands-free technology allows the user to switch between flames via a foot pedal, selecting up to five preset flames from a library of up to 100. This configuration is perfect for the brazing operator who has multiple but different braze joints per job and needs to quickly adjust the flame settings.

The Perfect Flame Model MT, a multi-torch configuration, is best suited for high production operations where individual operators are brazing the same or different joints. Three operators can be using the same or different flames, each controlled by one Model MT unit.

For more information about Perfect Flame, visit harris.co/PerfectFlame


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