FABTECH features new products from The Harris Products Group to emphasize quality, durability & cost savings

Las Vegas, NV - Nov 12, 2012 :

The Harris Products Group, a manufacturer of brazing, soldering, welding and cutting equipment and alloys, has announced the release of several new products at the FABTECH trade show. The new equipment includes the Model 25GX, the next generation of Harris industrial regulator.

7 Year WarrantyThe Harris Products Group is also celebrating its selection by IndustryWeek magazine as a Best Plants Finalist. The company, headquartered in Mason, Ohio, is being honored for its manufacturing excellence. This high standard for quality is reflected in Harris’ announcement of an extension of its warranty on all industrial regulators to seven years from the previous warranty of three years. The seven-year warranty is one of the longest in the industry and reflects the durability of the Harris product.

“While most of our competition is changing to cheaper materials – plastic encasements and smaller gauges – we are manufacturing high quality, long-lasting industrial products for professionals and backing that up with an unrivaled warranty,” said Ira Bennett, director of marketing for The Harris Products Group. “We’ve taken popular products – like the workhorse Model 25 – and made them even better, providing great value and application solutions to our customers.”

Model 25GX Oxygen RegulatorThe Model 25GX includes many of the features customers already appreciate about the Model 25, including 100% testing 100% of the time, delivery pressures from 0-15 to 0-500 PSIG, a one-piece encapsulated seat and premium safety – UL listed, CGA E-4 industry standard and CGA E4 ignition tests. It has been upgraded to feature a new ergonomic knob, a chrome-plated Zamac 3® bonnet, an improved outlet angle to improve LP cylinder clearance and larger gauges featuring a 2 ½”-steel case and multi-scale display.

The Harris Products Group theme for the FABTECH show is a focus on finding cost savings for its customers. The company’s booth at FABTECH, number N4509, will feature a variety of application comparisons demonstrating potential cost savings for customers using Harris products, including:

  • Side-by-side comparison of brazing using Dynaflow® vs. Stay-Silv® 15 (15% silver) alloys for finding cost reductions in filler metals 
  • Making the switch from oxy-acetylene to alternate fuels demonstrating the cutting abilities of propane and quantity usage – 8 cylinders of acetylene for 1 cylinder of propane 
  • Reduction of downtime and delivery fees through the creation of an automatic gas switchover system using Series 220 or 240 Switchover Manifolds 
  • Gas usage and savings associated with the use of Harris Inert Gas Guards® to efficiently control shielding gas delivery in welding applications

Series 220 Industrial Switchover ManifoldThe Harris Products Group is also launching its new gas manifold switchovers – the Series 220 Pressure Differential Switchover Manifolds and the Series 240 Liquid Cylinder Manifolds. The manifolds allow for customers who use gasses to reduce downtime and delivery fees associated with cylinder change-outs. With a switchover manifold, the system automatically moves from an empty cylinder to a fresh one, giving customers time to replace the empty tank without interrupting service. The 240 Liquid Cylinder Manifold is ideal for cryogenic cylinders and other liquid gas applications.

FABTECH attendees will also see the debut of the Harris HardHat Metalworking Outfits designed for contractors. The outfits contain regulators, torches and flashback arrestors – the ideal set for professionals to upgrade equipment. The outfits contain Harris’ most popular combinations of torches and regulators to deliver superior results for cutting using oxy-acetylene or alternate fuels.

HardHat Metalworking OutfitThe HardHat outfits and all other Harris purchases are eligible for a new end-user rewards program, “Buy Harris – Get the Gear.” Harris customers will earn points for each Harris purchase, based on the value of the equipment. They can then redeem their points for special items, like beanie hats, sunglasses, phone cases, T-shirts, coolers, a duffle bag, even a custom Apple® iPad. The Get the Gear promotion is scheduled to run through December 31, 2013, offering customers rewards over time.

David J. Nangle, president of The Harris Products Group, said all of these new products, the extended warranty and the FABTECH focus on customer cost savings are indicative of the company’s customer-focused initiatives.

“We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that give our customers an advantage. Whether through the cost savings of Dynaflow as an alternative to high silver alloys or the durability of our industrial line of regulators, The Harris Products Group is committed to manufacturing superior products that help our customers be more efficient, productive and profitable,” Nangle said.

About The Harris Products Group
The Harris Products Group, a Lincoln Electric Company, is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of cutting, welding, brazing and soldering equipment and consumables and gas distribution systems. Harris Products Group products are sold and used in more than 90 countries. Named a 2012 IndustryWeek Best Plants Finalist for manufacturing excellence, the company’s Mason, Ohio, facility serves as its international corporate headquarters. For more information about the Harris Products Group and its products and services, please visit www.harrisproductsgroup.com or call Customer Service at 1-800-733-4043.

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