Oxy-Fuel Safety Manual Oxy-Fuel Safety Manual

Harris Products Group Offers Free 'Oxy-Fuel Safety Manual'

Mason, Ohio - May 21, 2021 :

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Harris Products Offers Free ‘Oxy-Fuel Safety Manual’

Mason, Ohio (May 21, 2021) –  To help prevent accidents and injuries by
individuals who are operating oxy-fuel equipment to cut, weld, braze or
heat, Harris Products Group has developed the Oxy-Fuel Safety Manual.
This instructive guide will be helpful to both new and veteran operators
and is available at no cost to individuals or businesses.

Safety is all about education. This 12-page manual was developed as a
free resource that companies can distribute to their staff. It provides
a basic understanding of the elements involved in the different oxy-fuel
processes and offers guidelines for the safe and proper operation of
the equipment. The safety manual is available in English, French and

Topics include common situations oxy-fuel users encounter on a daily
basis. These include the combustion process, types of gases and cylinders,
key hazards, attaching a high-pressure oxygen regulator, safety devices
such as check valves and flashback arrestors, personal protective equipment
and more.

While it’s always critical to follow the safety instructions provided by
equipment manufacturers, the Oxy-Fuel Safety Manual provides helpful
tips to avoid personal injury and illness.

To obtain multiple copies of this free safety manual, call 1.800.733.4043 or
email custservmason@jwharris.com. For a single copy,
click here  http://bit.ly/OxyFuelSafety

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