Corporate February 09, 2022 United States

Amid labor shortage, Harris Products Group launches tools to help HVAC/R business streamline operations

Mason, OH
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As HVAC/R contractors and wholesalers navigate an ongoing labor shortage, Harris Products Group is offering solutions in 2022 to lighten their load. Contractors can now access a brazing and soldering app for easy selection of the right alloy and other on-the-job help. Harris is also expanding N.A.T.E.-certified training, helping more technicians improve their brazing skills so they can achieve the best results the first time and avoid a trip back to rework the job. 

For wholesalers, Harris’s new website and e-commerce platform will make ordering products and marketing materials easier. New merchandising displays will simplify sales and inventory, saving valuable time.

“We’re responding to a need in the marketplace – a labor issue that’s impacting both the wholesaler and contractor sides,” said Greg Doria, who was named President of Harris Products Group in October. Harris is a long-time manufacturer of brazing alloys, torches, and regulators used in the HVAC/R industry. The company also serves the OEM market with fabricated tube products and the alloys and equipment used for HVAC/R coil systems.

Doria is a big proponent of expanding the company’s digital footprint to make it even easier for customers to do business with Harris.

“We’re creating a platform that allows our customers to quickly and efficiently get their questions answered or connect with our applications experts for indepth assistance,” Doria said. “We want to continue to be a strong partner with our network of HVAC/R distributors and to be a constant source of reliable information for contractors. Our new digital tools will support those goals.”

For the digital journey Harris is creating or upgrading numerous tools including:

  • A brazing and soldering mobile app: The app helps techs quickly locate the right product for the job; it also includes how-to videos, safety information and brazing and soldering tips.
  • “My Harris” e-commerce platform for easier ordering, pricing, and checking inventory for distributors and wholesalers
  • Content Hub – spec sheets, videos, case studies, expert advice at your fingertips
  • Improved mobile experience
  • Adding options on the new website for Spanish, Italian, French and Polish

Harris is also offering brazing and welding safety posters -- free to HVAC contractors and wholesalers. Topics include easy-to-follow tips on how to install a regulator, and another on how to connect, light and adjust a torch.  Other posters are planned for the near future.

Harris also offers its Brazing and Soldering Guide, a printed multi-page reference guide which details proper brazing procedures and other technical information.  In addition to this, Harris has developed the Brazing Wheel which is a handy tool for technicians to refer to for finding the right alloy for each brazing job.