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Harris Plus

Harris Plus is a more portable version of the Harris Super, designed with the same precision and capabilities.


Straight line and circle oxy fuel cutting Stepless Drive System, maintaining constant travel speed even with high temperatures and ensuring stable, trouble-free cutting Light weight - 9,5 kg - easy to carry and use Modular straight 1800 mm rail sections (to be ordered separately)


  • Cutting machine with connecting lead and rubber connection hose from machine to cutting torch Harris cutting torch Model 198 with 3 tips Tool set Operation manual
  • Cutting Thickness 3-150 mm Cutting Speed 150-800 mm/min Speed control Single cone speed system, mechanical regulation Power Source 220 V AC Weight 9,5 kg Overall Measurement 360 mm (L) x 140 mm (W) x 175 mm (H) Cutting Torch Propane: 198-4F Cutting Tips* Propane: 6290-VVC (size 5/0 to 2½)