Safety-Silv® 40NI2 3/64 X 50 TOZ

Diametri / imballo

50 toz box
1/16" 40N350
3/64" 40N250

Safety-Silv 40NI2

Silver-copper-zinc-nickel filler metal with a wider melting range and slightly elevated melting temperature for brazing copper, brass, steel, nickel alloys, stainless steel and tungsten carbide-to-steel and tool steel.


Safety-Silv 40Ni2 is used for brazing stainless steel. The nickel alloy provides corrosion resistance and strength. It is a good choice for tungsten carbide tool tipping.


  • Cadmium-free, silver-nickel brazing alloy
  • Nickel addition improves wetting and strength
  • Improved corrosion resistance on stainless steel when compared to other brazing alloys
  • Wider melting range with slightly elevated melting temperature
  • Engineered for brazing copper, brass, steel, nickel alloys and stainless steel
  • Good choice for tungsten carbide tool tipping
  • Conforms to the EU Reach & RoHS directive

Applicazioni tipiche

  • Tungsten carbide tool tipping