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Solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Productivity, efficiency and continuous improvement are hallmarks of successful manufacturers. At Harris Products Group, we understand the value of suppliers who partner with you to find cost savings in your supply chain. We work with manufacturers across the globe to provide high-quality alloys and equipment that contribute to your bottom line.

Alloys Options

Our team of engineers and technical sales experts are prepared to assist you in answering your brazing, soldering and welding needs. We've developed custom solutions for manual and automated processes, including pre-form rings, return bends and other alloy shapes.

We have also assisted customers by suggesting alternative filler metals. Some Harris exclusive alloys, including Blockade® and Dynaflow® have served our customers by providing cost stability, even as the price of silver fluctuates.

Equipment Solutions

The cost of gases in your manufacturing processes may also be an area prime for improvement. Upgrading your gas distribution and regulation equipment can save valuable resources, and utilizing Harris' Inert Gas Guards can restrict gas surge and save costs in gas consumption. Updated, uniform equipment can also improve quality, productivity and safety. Harris also carries a line of cutting machines that can be customized to meet your manufacturing cutting needs.

Technical & Engineering Support

In addition to available alloys and equipment, we also provide expertise in improving your manufacturing processes. Our team is prepared to review your facilities and processes to find ways to enhance safety at your facilities and find cost savings through gas conservation or alternative fuel or alloy choices.

Harris has extensive history and background working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers. For more information on how Harris Products Group can assist you in manufacturing, contact our corporate headquarters at 513.754.2000.